Oct 28

Reader Question: Mitigating muscle soreness due to orgasms

Today’s reader question made me pretty jealous:

I always get sore abs after intense orgasms. Some1 told me to “ease into” my orgasms. Great, in theory, but how do I practice it? My orgasms build in intensity and end up being fairly long already, so?

I’ve never heard the advice to “ease into” an orgasm, and I’m not sure I buy it. When I have an orgasm, if I try to mentally control it I just end up ruining it. I’m sure you’ve had the experience where you’re close to cumming and then someone makes a noise outside your room, or your foot starts to cramp up or whatever and then you completely think yourself out of the mood. I personally hate that.

The advice that I’d offer you is probably the same advice that I’d offer someone getting muscle soreness after working out. Orgasms, especially intense ones, result in muscle contractions and spasms. Unless you want to try to step on the intensity of your orgasm by thinking of something else at the last minute, which you can definitely try, I think you should treat your muscle soreness as you would after a session at the gym. You can stretch out your abs like so after orgasming:

It would help to have a partner who’s chill though if you’re not flying solo. Maybe stretch it out in the bathroom afterwards?

Another option is to do some ab exercises in general and try to build up some muscle strength. I don’t know if you work out, but doing some crunches or similar ab exercises daily might help your muscles get used to intense contractions.

Sometimes I get really bad foot cramps right before I have an orgasm, which sucks because it pulls me out of the mood a little bit, but I have never personally experienced annoying muscle soreness after an orgasm so I don’t know firsthand what you’re going through. If it’s really irksome for you you could try seeing a physical therapist (though I know that would probably be a little personal), but I would say to treat it the way you would treat other muscle soreness after working out. Orgasms are intense bodily experiences, and having muscle soreness is pretty normal.

In the meantime, if you’re with a partner, telling that person that you came so hard your abs are sore is probably going to be a huuuuge ego boost.


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